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Thu, Aug. 19th, 2004, 11:38 am
casual_watcher: [ Gap Entry, Jan 2001 ] REPORT : INTERNAL INVESTIGATIONS : Missing Constantine Chronicle

To: Watcher Intenal Investigations
From: Watcher William C. Snow
Re: Report on the missing Constantine Chronicle

Former Agent Dr. Amy Zoll has once again refused to surrender the most current Chronicle. While I no longer interview her once ever couple of weeks and now more like once every three or four months, she still refuses to give up the Chronicle, only giving me a chance to proof her work when I do go over to prove that she still is updating it and otherwise keeps it in a safe in her house.

However, she is right in that with our more forgiving training and evaluation procedures, that most agents now aren't nearly as competant. Of course, I also believe she compares the newer agents to herself when even veterans, I've heard, are frightened of her. Though I won't be the one to tell her that. She probably figured it out by now since I'm the only watcher to ever even try to go talk to her twice.

I will go on record to say she is still as meticulous with the details in the chronicle and see no reason to force her to return the cronicle as the current situation stands so long as better trained agents watch Constantine outside of his home. I will however continue my evaluation interviews, but no more than any other active agent.

Will waited until ten or fifteen minutes after he saw Constantine's car pull out of the drive way before stepping out of his own. He looked both ways, just to make sure he wasn't coming back, before heading to the large house and letting himself into the grounds and knocking on the door.

"Marcus, did you forget your keys aga..." Amy laughed opening the door before her face went blank seeing Will. "Hello."

"Long time no see, Amy." Will smiled politely.

She smiled sweetly. "Not long enough, Will." Despite her words she opened the door to allow him in.

"I don't see why you're so touchy about seeing me," Will mentioned as he stepped in.

Amy sighed. "Watchers in general, Will. Would you like some coffee?"

"Yes please. I promise I'll be out of your hair as soon as I can." Will headed to sit on the couch and wait.

"Promises." Amy said dryly, going into the kitchen and quickly re-emerging with a tray of coffee and crackers, setting it on the table in front of Will. "Now. What do you want."

"To talk. Completely innocent," Will nodded. "About you... And Constantine."

"What about him?" Amy asked calmly, sipping her coffee.

"For some reason, it's becoming damn difficult to update his Chronicle," Will noted, taking a sip of his.

"How remarkable. I wonder why that is." Amy said innocently.

"And.. everytime we send someone out, they end up with 'technical difficulties' and talking of some crazy woman chasing them off," Will continued, as innocently.

"Perhaps you should have better training." Amy said sweetly.

"Amy," Will sighed, "There has to be a way we can work this out."

"I am keeping a chronicle on him. Don't you think that's enough of an invasion?"

"It wouldn't be an invasion," Will noted. "And it wouldn't be an issue if every Immortal in town didn't know him."

Amy shrugged.

"I've been watching you for two weeks and you haven't noticed," Will set down the coffee cup.

"So it shouldn't be a problem for other watchers to do the same." Amy said, hiding the fact she was shaken.

"They would but, as I said, you keep chasing them away!"

"Because I notice them because they're not good at their jobs!"

"I think you meant to say they aren't as good as you were," Will added, "But no matter how .. green the people who get sent here are, you can't just chase them away!"

"Why not? They don't need to be here. His chronicle isn't being abandoned." She looked up, eyes blazing.. "And I'm not holding anything back or changing anything because I'm married to him."

"Then let me see it," Will met her gaze. "If you've got his Chronicle, and it's up to date, it's got to be here, right?"

Amy smiled tightly and stood, going to the wall safe and pulling out the chronicle.

Will leaned back, "And this covers him at work as well as here?"

"There are bugs at work, but yes, I make all records here."

Will nodded, taking the chronicle to look through it, "Why won't you let him have a regular watcher?"

"Why bother?" Amy shrugged.

"You wouldn't have to keep this for one thing," Will mentioned as he flipped through the pages.

"And the chronicle you would have on him would be horrible." Amy shrugged again.

"As opposed to not having one at all," Will mumbled.

"You'll get it eventually." Amy muttered.

"You got a time frame?"

"When I die." Amy said simply.

"Long time," Will sighed heavy, "Alright. Fine. Morbid, but fine. This probably won't stop new agents from being sent."

"It won't stop them from going away in tears either."

"Even if I ask really nicely?"

"Make them politer, Will."

"I'll do what I can," Will nodded.

"Lovely." Amy smiled brightly.

"If they get caught, I'll make sure they have flowers or something," Will stood up.

Amy stood up to escort him to the door. "Excellent, I hope you have a good florist."

"We'll see."