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Thu, Aug. 19th, 2004, 11:38 am
casual_watcher: [ Unreadable ] Report and Transfer Request

To: Watcher HQ, Central Library
From: Watcher W. C. Snow
Re: Immortal Kit O'Brady

Kit O'Brady's project has been a better than average success, more than likely due to the fall of several business over the past few months. However, 'better than average' apparently isn't good enough and he's bored already. He's setting up his shop to be covered under self-management and talked about running off to Monte Carlo.

Because that really sounds like a good idea. Idiot.

I have had enough of this job and request to be returned to Research. Or any other desk job. Get this twelve-stepper a new damn watcher.

( OOC: Current Timeline for Will AND Gap Entry for Kit. WOO. TA~LENT. )