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Fri, Jun. 25th, 2004, 07:20 pm
watcherswatcher: Log - Jon MacLeod and Adam Pierson camping

So Dana's not thrilled that I'm doing this but the guy's going camping and he didn't stop me from following him this time. I've got to at least try to keep track of him.

"Hey, how does this look Jon? Shall we pitch the tent here?" Adam asked as they entered a clearing. A stream ran nearby, and several trees looked to be the right distance apart for use in securing the tent.

Jon looed around and the nodded. The boy had been quiet for most of the drive then most of the hike. It was no wonder that his parents were so upset given the dramatic change from the lively boy Jon had been.

"Great. Come on and help me unpack the tent and we'll get it set up soon enough." Adam dropped his pack and considered the clearing carefully before choosing a location for the tent.

Nodding again Jon took off his own pack, before helping Methos with the tent. "It's peaceful out here." He said softly.

"That was part of the point." Adam laughed. He spread out the tent and set to hammering in one of the stakes. "Find a heavy rock and work on that corner." He told Jon, pointing to the corner across from him.

Jon did was he was ask, looking up at Adam every now and then. There were a million questions bubling under the surface but he was afarid to ask even one.

"Once we get the tent up and the food stored we can relax." Adam noted as he moved to the next stake.

With the two of them working they had the camp pitched pretty quickly. Jon sat down by the tent folding his legs under him.

Adam strung the supplies up into the nearest tree and tossed the rest of his things and Jon's into the tent. He sat down near, but not too near to Jon. "How long's it been since you last went camping?"

Jon shruged then realized that required a vocal awnser. "I was five. Dad never has time anymore."

Adam nodded. "It was years before I really wanted to. Why go sleep on the ground, again, when I have a nice comfortable bed at home?"

The boy smiled slightly. "Dad said something simlair."

Adam laughed. "I'm sure he did."

Jon smiled a bit more, picking up a stick and playing with it.

"So we've got hours before we need to think about making something to eat. Anything you want to do? Or just sit back and relax? Go see if that stream has any fish? Talk?" Adam ticked off their options on his fingers.

Pulling his knees up to his chest, Jon rested his chin on his knees. "I wanted to shoot you."

Adam looked over at him. "Ah... now? Because you'd have to start dinner yourself if you did..."

Jon made a face at him. "No then, when I did shoot you. It wasn't just becuase Kronos wanted me too....I was mad at you."

"Why? Because I was leaving?" Adam leaned back against a tree to face Jon.

"Partly. And becuase you didn't belive me...I don't know. I get confused about you." Jon whispered. "I feel like I've known you forever...but you treat me like a kid."

Adam sighed. "Jon, chronologically, you are a kid. You're eleven. Even if you're an eleven year old with some truly interesting things in his head, you're still eleven. I don't mean any offence, but just because you know things doesn't give you the life experience to understand them."

"Two girls died becuase I couldn't make anyone belive me. I wanted to hurt everyone. You, my parents."

"Jon, even if we had believed you, and believe me that it's not so easy as you'd like, they'd still have died. Or two others, or three, or four."

Jon looked away from him falling quiet again.

"What do you want now Jon?" Adam asked, sitting up.

"I don't know. Well maybe for Dad and mom to stop acting like I'm a timebomb and I'm going to kill them in their sleep or something.."

"And that would be why I try not to tell people about my 'family'." Adam sighed. "Do you want me to talk to them?"

"I don't know. I..I'm afarid I've runined their realtionship."

"I don't think you have Jon." Adam assured him. "You can't be responsible for everything."

"Right that would be taking Uncle Duncan's job."

"Exactly! There's already a MacLeod boy scout. So knock it off and relax a bit kiddo."

Jon giggled softly. "So your really not made at me?"

"Not at all. Though if you ever do something like that again..." Adam warned with a smirk.

"Don't worry I only plan on shooting the bad guys from now on." Jon laughed.

"Then you'll need some target practice, and I'm not volunteering." Adam pointed out. "So you obviously had a few worries, anything else you wanted to talk about?"

"Yea...whose this Percy guy Richie's dating?" Jon asked with a grin.