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Wed, Jun. 23rd, 2004, 05:34 pm

Connor listened to the phone ring.
Adam grumbled and raced for the phone, having just finished packing up the last of his supplies. "Pierson..."
"Your taking my son where?" Connor snapped into the phone.
"Camping. The woods. In a tent." Adam replied, going to get himself a beer.
"You want me to let him out of my sight? Are you mad?"
"Precisely Connor. He went as quietly as he did because he was sick of being treated like glass. Let him come camping with me and he gets some time to ask me questions and some time without anyone watching him like a hawk."
"Last time I let him out of my sight some manic took him and you weren't able to stop it either!" Connor growled. "Shit...Adam...I didn't mean it like that...

"What the hell are you going to do Connor? Lock him in the house?
Adam sighed. "You can't do that to him."
"He's not your responsibility Adam." Connor snapped.
"And you don't trust me with him. I get it Connor."
Connor rested his forehead against a wall. "Claire's half ready to pack up and run with him to holy ground."
"Not surprising." Adam muttered. "I'm sure that would go over wonderfully. Perhaps she should pick a monastery where the monks take a vow of silence. Jon would fit right in after a while."
"He'll be fine, he just need more time. He'll start talking again." "
"Sure about that?"
"Alright take him camping." Connor voice was soft. "You’re the only one that can ever get through to him anyways."
Adam sighed again and sipped his beer. "He wants to go, and it will make him feel trusted. That's far more important than anything I could say."
"You sure you haven't raised kids before?"
"Lived with, yes. Raised, no."
"When are you going to be by to pick him up?"
"That depends; does he have a sleeping bag, hiking boots, etcetera etcetera?" Adam asked as he sipped his beer.
"Should I remind you whose son he is?" Connor chuckled softly. "Yea he has all those things. Hell he's already packed his own camping gear up."
Adam laughed. "Right, I'd like to get an early start tomorrow morning. I'll give you a map of where we'll be and I'll have my phone."
"Is you interpreted watcher following along?"
"As far as I know. He's not speaking to me." Adam chuckled.
"I can imagine why."
"Neither can I." Adam assured him.