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Fri, Jun. 18th, 2004, 04:38 pm

"Come on Jon. They've been panicked since he took you." Methos got out of the car and went around opening Jon's door.
Climbing out he still looked uncertain but stayed quiet. He followed Methos up the front steps. Instead Connor had felt the immortal presence and had grabbed his sword.
Methos knocked. "Connor! It's me!" He called through the door as he angled himself to shield Jon.
Claire grabbed Connor's arm, standing slightly behind him, her own sword in hand.
Connor opened the door slightly peering out at Methos. "Where the hell have you....Jon?" Connor broke off as he saw his son standing behind Methos. Dirty and covered in blood. He pushed the door the rest of the way open.
Jon stepped out from behind Methos, looking up at his father. "Hi." He rasped softly.
"I told you I'd get him back." Methos muttered. "The blood's all mine."
Connor pulled Jon into his arms, hugging him tightly. "Oh thank god."
Claire dropped her sword with a clatter, falling to her knees and grabbing Jon and Connor and hugging them both tightly.
Methos stood back and watched them, relieved that Jon hadn't suffered any physical damage.
"Thank you Methos." Connor said looking up at the other immortal. "C’mon Jon lets get you inside and cleaned up."
Jon just nodded.
Leading Jon inside, and slipping an arm around Claire. Connor looked to Methos. "Come in and rest old man. You look like hell."
Methos glanced at Connor and Claire. He hesitated then nodded. "I feel like hell."
"I shot him." Jon said calmly.
"What?" Connor blinked down at his son.
"You shot who?"
Methos sighed. "Long story, speaking of which, I'd very much like to sit down."
"Methos. I shot Methos." Jon said softly, not looking at his parents.
Claire bit her lip. "He's fine, Jonny."
"I also shot Kronos. I shot a lot of people today."
"Two does not equal a lot." Methos noted as he entered the house.
Connor frowned slightly, not liking that Jon shot anyone. "Come Jon lets got up stairs and get you cleaned up. Methos sit down before you fall over."
"I'll get you some coffee." Claire said hurriedly, rushing out.
Connor took Jon upstairs worrying over his son.
Methos nodded and sat down in a wooden chair near the couch. He gingerly rolled up the cuffs of his jeans and examined the wounds to his lower legs.
Claire brought him coffee, sitting down in front of him. "Are you okay?"
Upstairs, Connor was running bath water and talking to Jon.
"Give me a moment." Methos replied absently, watching the last of the wounds heal now that he'd dislodged the bullet.
"I didn't mean physically." Claire said softly.
"Give me a moment." Methos repeated as he sat back and closed his eyes.
"Thank you, Methos."
"Least I could do." Methos murmured, taking a deep breath. He opened his eyes again and sat up straighter. "You mentioned coffee?"
Claire handed him the cup. "No. It really wasn't."
He looked at her. "Right, I could have walked away. Saved myself a lot of pain."
"I know." Claire said calmly.
"Damn MacLeods." Methos muttered, sipping the coffee.
"Believe me. I know."
He laughed. "Jon's going to need a little time, and a lot of space."
Connor came down the steps. "He's asleep. I've never seen him so exhausted."
"Kidnapping takes a lot out of you." Claire said dryly
Connor shot her a sharp look. "You doing alright Methos?"
Methos shrugged. "I'll live. So will Jon."
"What happened?" Connor wanted to know. "Jon wouldn't say much other than he shot you."
"I tried to leave." Methos replied.
"And he shot you?"
Methos nodded.
"Because he didn't want me to. Because Kronos didn't want me to. He always was good at that sort of thing." Methos stood up only to collapse again on the couch.
"Jesus." Connor swore softly. "Methos stay here you in no shape to go anywhere."
"I am inclined to agree." He set the coffee on the table and stretched out. "Whatever you do, don't press Jon for answers."
"He also said he shot Kronos."
Methos nodded. "That came a little bit later but yes. Saved my head."
"Hell" Connor rubbed his temple." We owe you big time Methos."
"No, you don't." Methos said firmly.