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Fri, Jun. 4th, 2004, 07:26 pm
grey_observateu: Log: Duncan and Amanda

With all the current shit going around, I completly forgot about this log. It's a good thing I started cleaning when I did...

Duncan slamed the gate to the lift and stormed into the loft, throwing his jacket at a chair.

Amanda was waiting for him, a robe pulled tightly around her body. "Here," she handed him a mug of coffee. "How's Connor?" she asked, worried.

"He's doing well enough. Considering." muttered Duncan accepting the mug, "It's Adam that's pissing me off."

"What happened?" Amanda leaned back against the counter, looking at him.

Duncan sighed and took a big swig of his coffee. "Adam's taking things all personally. Won't let me go after the kidnapper."

"It's Kronos, Duncan. Of course he's taking it personally."

"I'm the one that killed him last time. I need to finish the job." exclaimed Duncan, "I should be out there now, but he won't give me anything to go on."

Amanda laid a hand on his arm. "Duncan, Kronos isn't after you this time. He's after Adam. You can help him, but this is something Adam's got to do on his own."

Duncan lay down his mug and walked over to lean against Amanda. "I hate not being able to help," he sighed.

"I know, love." She wrapped her arms around him in a hug. "Adam just needs to figure out a plan. And then we'll all be able to help."

Duncan returned the hug. "So what should we do while we wait? You're going to have to try hard to keep my mind off of this you know."

"That sounds like a challenge, Duncan Macleod," Amanda said softly, a small smile playing over her lips.

Duncan leaned down and kissed those lips. "I'm sure you're up to it."

"I usually am. Only," she frowned slightly, "I feel a little guilty, knowing how upset Claire and Connor must be..."

"I think they want to be alone with each other right now. But they'd better not think they can do anything about this without us. I won't be left out."

"I don't think Connor would forget about you." Amanda rested her head on Duncan's shoulder. "Poor Claire," she sighed.

"Yeah, she's having a rough awakening. It's a harsh world sometimes." Duncan agreed. "At least she's got Connor. I know that having you makes things easier for me."

"I'm glad I came back here. We spend too much time apart, Duncan," Amanda stated.