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Sun, May. 30th, 2004, 02:46 am

I'm with Connor and Adam, I drink sounds very very good.

Claire dropped her keys in the bowl by the door, kicking off her shoes and wandering into the living room. "Connor? Jon?"
Connor was sitting in the living room head in his hands, an almost empty bottle of scotch in front of him. Everything about him exuded misery.
"Connor?" Claire frowned, coming in and putting her hands gently on his shoulders. "Sweetheart, what's wrong?"
Connor looked up at her, eyes filled with pain. "He has Jon." He whispered hoarsely.
Claire pulled away, paling. "No."
"I failed him. I failed you both." Connor hung his head again, looking defeated.
Straightening her spine, Claire bit her bottom lip to control the trembling. "No. We'll find him."
"Adam's planning." Connor commented. "If anyone knows where this madman would have taken Jon, it's him." The Scot reached for the bottle.
"Put down the goddamn bottle." Claire glared, grabbing it. "You can't help get our son if you're drunk."
"I can't help our son at all Claire! This man doesn't want a challenge; he doesn't want anything but our suffering and our child!"
"And you're determined to let him have both!"
Connor pushing at hand through his hair. "Claire we don't even know where to start looking!"
"So we ask Matt and Adam! Matt had to have seen something!"
"Matt is giving the tapes to Adam. I'm just trying not to go crazy or kill Adam at the moment Claire!"
Claire hugged him tightly. "Breathe."

Connor hugged Claire back, stroking her back a moment later he pulled away getting to his feet. "Shit...”
Adam knocked on the door, feeling another immortal approaching as well as the ones in the house.
Duncan saw Adam at the door and jogged up to reach him. "I just heard... came over as fast as I could."
Adam shook his head. "I should have gotten rid of him as soon as he started calling Marcus."
Grabbing his sword, Connor headed to the door. Checking through the peep hole he sighed in relief that it was only Duncan and Adam. "It Duncan and Adam, " He called to Claire pulling open the door.
Claire grabbed her sword, standing slightly behind Connor.
"Claire! I never thought I'd see you with a sword." Exclaimed Duncan as he entered and hugged his clansman. "Are you two alright?"

Adam glanced at her worriedly and handed three videocassettes to Connor. "Keller just dropped these off."
Connor hugged Duncan back. "We've been better. Come on in."
He took the tapes from Adam and nodded. "Let’s see what we can see then."
"It's strange..." Adam began as he entered the house. "He is, and he isn't Kronos."
Connor gave him an odd look. "Christ sounds like what Jon said."
"Well we're the only two to have seen him up close and personal." Adam muttered. "He's not all there..."
"I'm sorry," Duncan said, attempting a weak joke, "I should have done a better job killing him the first time."
"It's not your job this time Mac." Adam said, looking over at him.
Connor slipped an arm around Claire. "If you want to go upstairs." He said softly.
Claire shook her head. "I want my son."
"Claire... I'm sorry, I should have been more careful..." Adam took a deep breath and looked at the floor.

"I'll yell at you later, Adam." Claire said evenly.
"It my fault as much as his." Connor said shaking his head.
He nodded and looked at Connor. "No, it's not. I've been complacent. I should have been careful."
"You're getting yelled at too."

"Duncan, lad looks like you’re the only safe one." Connor managed a weak smile
"Only because I've been neglecting my duties as the 'cool uncle'" replied Duncan. "I really haven't been around enough.
Claire bit her lip. "Connor. I can't do this. I'm going to go practice."
"Want someone to hit?" Adam asked, only half joking
"Would be a really, really bad idea." Claire frowned.
"Probably, but I figured I'd offer."
Connor kissed her forehead. "If you need me, I'll be right out here."

"I should go, really. I don't think anyone wants to see me and I've got to find him."
Adam said, looking at the door.
"Adam, stay." Connor said evenly. "Nothing can be done tonight."
"I hate not being able to do anything" muttered Duncan.
"You can't be the hero all the time," Connor chided gently.
"I could go back through my journals, I could drink heavily..." Adam muttered darkly.
"As Claire reminded me earlier drinking won't help.”Connor muttered at him.
Adam sighed. "I know. And even with him not all there I'll need all I've got to find him."
Duncan lowered his voice so Clair would be unlikely to hear him from the other room. "Is he likely to harm Jon do you think, Adam? You knew him for an awful long time... is he just toying with us?"
Connor sat down, half not wanting to hear the answer.
"He won't hurt him. Not if what he said to me earlier is true. He doesn't want a toy, he wants a brother, and Jon's not old enough yet." Adam looked over at Connor. "He's a strong boy; I don't think he'll have much success
twisting his mind."
"He could still do damage." Connor said. "Jon's only 11."
"Well I'm not about let him keep Jon long enough to find out." Adam hissed.
"Mac, I told you, this isn't your responsibility. I maneuvered you into it the last time, not again." Adam glared at Duncan.
"And he is my son." Connor growled.

"Don't expect me to sit things out just because you have some sort of a conscience about last time, Adam." Replied Duncan glaring back, "I want to be a part of this."
"Duncan I won't- can't ask you to risk yourself in this.”Connor said.
"Oh let the man play knight in shining armor. It's not like any of us could ever stop him." Adam shook his head. "Come on Mac, there's a beer with your name on it at my place."
Duncan started to follow Adam out and turned, "Connor.... call me if you need anything. Promise?"
"I will lad. And send Amanda over when you see her, I think Claire could use with her company."

Adam paused at the door. "I've got copies of the tapes Connor; call me when you've watched them."
Connor nodded. "I will."