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Thu, May. 27th, 2004, 02:47 am
grey_observateu: Log: Amanda Raven and Duncan MacLeod

I swear, Amanda just breeds trouble. The challenge last week... a mugging tonight. Though some of the stories MacLeod mentioned were rather interesting. And at least she wasn't off gambling with Kit O'Brady. It gets boring to watch, after awhile...

Amanda was idly tossing grapes into a vase across the room when she heard the lift come up. "I'm bored!" she whined, without turning around. A grape landed in the vase.

Duncan stepped off the lift, shirtless and covered in sweat after a hard workout and started searching for a towel. "Are you? I thought every moment of your life was an adventure." he called out dryly.

"Only when I get to do something." Another grape sailed across the room. "Hey!" she exclaimed, bouncing on the couch, "lets go out!"

Duncan started rubbing himself down and nodded in agreement. "Okay. I'm feeling restless." He grabbed a shirt and pulled it on, but didn't bother to button it up. "There's so much going on these days that I can't seem to do anything ABOUT. Joe's problems, this kook who thinks he's somebody I killed shadowing Jon and taunting Adam. I feel useless."

"That's because you never go out," Amanda said rationally. "Let's go dancing."

"Dancing?" quipped Duncan, "But then I'd have to go through all that effort to look presentable. Couldn't we just go rock climbing or leap off of a building or something? Maybe drive around without seatbelts?" He grinned impishly.

"You're impossible, you know that?" Amanda grinned. "Drive without seatbelts... honestly."

"I suppose I'd better shower off then" Duncan grinned in mock defeat. "Want to join me?"

She pretended to think it over. "You know, that's probably the best idea you've had all week."

Duncan's grin widened and he allowed himself to be led into the bathroom.

Some time later Duncan's smile had not decreased at all as he watched Amanda toweling herself off. "Still have your heart set on going out?" he joked.

"Duncan, my love," she said, with a small smirk, "we've been staying at home, doing nothing but having very imaginative sex for the past week. Yes. I still want to go out."

Duncan laughed and went to the closet "I suppose I'd better look the part then. Will you help me with my bowtie?"

"Of course, if you'll zip up my dress."

Duncan complied and surveyed the dress in question. "You know.. I remember the first time I saw you in that."

"Oh really?" she asked, with a smile.

"Back when you were with the circus wasn't it? Before you disappeared and all those federal marshals showed up?"

She snickered. "Didn't I try to get you arrested, that time?"

"Was there a time when you didn't?" He grinned and zipped her up. "I don't know why I keep letting you back in my life."

"Because you lack excitement without me?" She turned, and grinned at him, reaching up to fix his tie.

"There was also something about having fallen in love" he whispered and leaned down to kiss her. "It makes people do stupid things all the time."

She smiled softly, and hugged him. "So I've noticed."

"Well, shall we put some horded money back into circulation?" asked Duncan, extending his arm.

"That sounds like a wonderful idea to me."

Duncan walked down the sidewalk caught up entirely in teasing Amanda about her past exploits. "..then there was the time in Persia.. let's not forget that."

"Duncan! I'd really rather we did. Though it wasn't all that pleasant for you either," she grinned.

All the man around the corner heard was Amanda's voice and he grinned at his brother. They nodded at each other and stepped out in front of Duncan and Amanda.

Duncan moved protectively in front of Amanda. "Can I help you two?" he asked.

Amanda sighed, and crossed her arms, annoyed at the delay.

"Oh I think you can." The taller one said with a grin. "You see, my brother Steve and I are a little broke."

Steve nodded. "Not a penny on us. You guys on the other hand..."

Duncan looked at Amanda, sighed, and put on a grin, "I wouldn't think that would be our problem guys."

"How come I never actually get to finish a decent night out," Amanda muttered, eyeing the two dirty men.

"But you two look like good Samaritans and all, I'm sure you want to help us out." Steve continued, grinning over at his brother.

"I don't think so," Amanda said dryly.

"Guess it's not your night, boys" said Duncan, and he started to push his way past the two of them.

The tall one held out a hand to stop Duncan while Steve grabbed Amanda's arm.

Duncan's grin turned positively predatory. "REALY not your night." he said, grabbing the unfortunate mugger's hand and twisting hard while dropping into a crouch.

He screamed, trying to kick at Duncan.

Amanda lifted an eyebrow, then yanked her arm forward, pulling her attacker off balance.

Duncan easily dodged the kick and glanced quickly to be sure Amanda was handling her attacker all right.

Steve went tumbling, cracking his head on the sidewalk. "Fuck!"

"Duncan," Amanda called out, "I really don't want to ruin my dress... or break a heel."

But Steve wasn't in much of a condition to get up, let alone attack her again. He tried to roll over and groaned.

Duncan nodded and stopped toying with the taller attacker, lashing out with a vicious kick to his midriff. "You heard the lady, fellows. Time to wrap this up."

"Andy..." Steve moaned before passing out. Andy crouched nearby, in too much pain to even look over at his brother.

"Poor guys" muttered Duncan, straightening his tie, "They chose the wrong couple to mug."

"Oh yes. That was rather stupid of them, wasn't it?" Amanda shook her head, and sighed. "We can still go dancing, right?"

"Well of course. I've got to work off this energy somehow" grinned Duncan and he led Amanda past the prostrate brothers and on towards the club.